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The best museums in the world

The best museums in the world

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In our world there is a huge variety of museums: art, historical, military; young and already existing; informative and impressive. Not a single person in the world will be able to visit all the museums in his entire life, so here you have to choose - which museums to go to?

Of course, if a person is limited in his capabilities, then the choice of his museums is reduced to a minimum. But what to do for those people who like to travel, who are eager to learn more and often visit such places. Then the question arises, what kind museum is better?

The best museums in the world - the subjective look of a traveler

I always want the best, and the question of visiting museums is no exception. An inexperienced person in this regard will say: Give me a list, and I will visit the most the best museums in the world! Well, what can I say? It is difficult to generalize here, since different people are interested in completely different things. Here plays a role and hobbies of a person, and his age and much much more. Therefore the choice the best museums in the world falls on you. I can only give MY SUBJECTIVE list, and you can confirm or be disappointed in my words only by visiting these museums. So ...

List of the best museums in the world

I will not build hierarchies, and I will not give places to any particular museums, again, due to what is written above. Just list the list, and you can already choose.

Whatever it was, but I believe that it is necessary to visit the Vatican Museums and enjoy this beautiful view! What is the Sistine Chapel alone? I am sure no one will remain indifferent.

No less interesting is the British Museum, which is famous for its huge mask, which stands in front of the entrance to the museum. What it means, you can find in the article about this museum on our website. Also of interest in English museums is Madame Tussauds in London.

A separate epic should be written about the Louvre Museum, which you won’t get around in a week. I will not do this, you probably heard yourself about this beautiful museum.

I advise everyone to visit the New York Museum called the Metropolitan. Everything in life happens, maybe you will also find yourself in New York - go there for sure. In France, a huge number of interesting museums related to winemaking. There is a tea and coffee museum in England. The list can go on and on, and the choice is always yours. Good luck with your travels and discoveries!

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