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Virtual museums of the world

Virtual museums of the world

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Everything is moving, everything is moving forward. With the development of scientific and technological progress in our world there is a huge number of all kinds of wonderful changes that shock society. Progress has come to art. Today we will talk about virtual museums of the world.

What is a virtual museum?

The name is very interesting, but not very clear. Like this - virtual museum ? Is there anything like this in the world? And for the elderly, to understand such an expression will be completely difficult. Well, let's try to explain in more detail.

It’s actually easier to show than to tell. Take for example such a world-famous museum as the Hermitage. On our website you can read detailed information about this museum, but the official website of the museum, which you can visit at (, will give more accurate information. We go to this site and find there such a link as a virtual visit - it sounds tempting, doesn't it?

After we follow the link provided above, we can fully, virtually, enjoy any of the halls of the museum, and even can observe the view from the roof of this museum. Of course, many will ask how is this all organized? Is there really a big difference? The main thing is that now, we can be anywhere in the world, quietly using the Internet to enjoy the beautiful paintings, kindly provided by the developers of the Hermitage site.

Why do we need virtual museums?

The answer on the surface suggests itself - to be closer to art! To find this or that picture at any time! To show a particular work of art, if it is not possible to visit a particular museum.

Virtual museums there are many in the world, and if you are a creative person who appreciates art, then a virtual visit will save you both time and finances, and you will enjoy not less than that! Enjoy your virtual walks.

Oh yeah i almost forgot talking about virtual museums of the world, it would just be foolish not to mention the project that Google itself launched the search engine. This is truly a brilliant project ( Be sure to visit this site. There you can find almost any museum in the world. There is a choice of language. The project is very young, and continues to develop. Google, as we all know, the company is very serious, and they made time to devote it to such important topics as art and culture, for which many thanks to them!

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