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Design Museum in London

This museum has become an innovation, hitherto nowhere was this. The Museum of Modern Design in London was the first dedicated to this field of activity. The concept was developed by Terence Conran - the head and head of the Kornan-group company, which developed the main project. The buildings that served in the 40s of the XX century were taken as a banana warehouse, located near the Tower Bridge on the banks of the Thames.

The Beatles Museum in Liverpool

Here, from the entrance, unobtrusive music sounds. Over 300 thousand visitors come here every year. This is a museum of the XX century legend - the famous Beatles group. The official name is The Beatles Story. It is located on the territory of the Port of Liverpool in the basement of Albert Dock, which is part of the ensemble of administrative buildings, which in themselves are recognized as a monument of historical heritage and are protected by UNESCO.

Pollock Toy Museum in London

It all started with the fact that after the death of Benjamin Pollock, a producer of traditional puppet theaters on cardboard, many cliches for their printing, among which were the very first, back in 1830, were sold by his daughters to an antique dealer.

Charles Dickens Museum in London

More recently, this seemingly ordinary old house on Doughty Street was not widely known. In 1923, it was decided to demolish it, however, as it turned out, it was the only remaining house in London where the great English writer Charles Dickens once lived.

National Maritime Museum in London

This museum simply could not help but appear in London - the capital of Great Britain, which was once the “queen of the seas”. The National Maritime Museum was founded by an official decree of the country's parliament in 1934 and opened on April 27, 1937 by King George VI. It is located in Greenwich (district of London), and is a complex of historical buildings of the XVII century, which are objects of world cultural heritage.

Cinema museum in london

This museum was created by the staff of the London Film Institute, David Francis and Leslie Hardcastle back in 1988, but due to funding difficulties, it stopped working in 1999, even despite its popularity.

This caused great dissatisfaction of the London public, and after a long 9 years the museum was revived in 2 branches - in South Bank and Covent Garden, under the new name - “London Museum of Cinema”.

Natural History Museum in London

The appearance of the Museum of Natural History, or as it is sometimes called, the Museum of Natural History, was preceded by the creation of the British Museum in 1759 in the capital of Great Britain. This happened after Hans Sloan, a well-known doctor and naturalist, handed over his huge collections to the people of Britain and Parliament decided to open the museum. He then settled down in Montagu House in Bloomsbury - one of the districts of London.

Harry Potter Museum in London

A world of magic and fairy tales - this is the name of this unique museum. Yes, actually this is not a museum at all, but a colorful show, a journey into a fairy tale, into the magical world of Harry Potter. And all this magic was made possible by the creator of the Harry Potter saga, the Warner Bros. concern, by refitting one of its Leavesden Studios, which is located 30 km from London in the town of Watford.

London Transport Museum

In the UK, in London, in 1980 a public museum of the history of urban transport was opened. It is about this museum that we will talk in this article. In 2005, the museum had to be closed for reconstruction, but in 2007 it began to function as before.

Sherlock Holmes Museum in England, London

This address is well known not only to fans of the English writer, the master of writing and the successor laid down by Edgar Allan according to the tradition of the literary detective genre, Arthur Conan-Doyle, but also to almost everyone, interactively or traveling, who get acquainted with London sights.

England is one of the most advanced countries in which tourists from all over the world go to rest. And this is no coincidence, because it is in England that such famous museums as the British, Madame Tussauds, and many other equally interesting English museums are located. By visiting any of museums in england you will be satisfied and impressed, which will not pass soon.

Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to visit this wonderful country. Therefore, on our site we will try to describe in more detail museums of england, provide vivid and colorful photographs directly from the halls of museums, and, if possible, we will upload videos.

I would also like to say about the museums of London. However, you yourself can familiarize yourself with them on a page specially created for this.

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