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Museums in Milan

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Everyone wants to travel, but this opportunity is not available to many, especially to residents of Russia, such as me and you. Well, we have no choice but to study foreign countries and their museums on the Internet, and work on ourselves so that we have the opportunity to personally see all this beauty.

The crisis in the country is gaining momentum. If earlier, you could still afford a vacation at least 1-2 times a year, now the situation has worsened.

On this page we have collected the most interesting galleries and museums in Milanthat will be interesting to everyone: from schoolchildren to senior citizens.

What to see?

This question is asked by many who are planning to go to Italy or for general development. In fact, in Milan you can see no less interesting places and paintings in museums than in other cities of Europe, such as Barcelona, ​​Rome, etc.

What we considered the most interesting, then highlighted at the top of this page. Click on the name and go to the museum description page.

Watch the video: A tour of AC Milan museum (August 2022).