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Beijing Planetarium, Beijing, China

In China, stars have been watched for a couple of millennia, if not more. Is it any wonder that the first modern planetarium appeared in Beijing in the mid-50s. At the beginning of the 2000s, a new planetarium building was opened for visits. Of course, the largest in the world.

Art Zone 798, Beijing, China

Perhaps, it was difficult to come up with the best application of an empty plant, built according to the German project, which once produced products for the needs of the Chinese army. Huge empty rooms were placed at the disposal of artists who previously lived in the neighborhood.

The interiors of the Art Zone are the best suited for numerous galleries, exhibition halls, cafes, clubs and salons.

Museum of Science and Technology, Shanghai, China

In this institution, it is better to be convinced that China is a great power. Currently, the school of science and technology is visited more by schoolchildren and students of Shanghai, but for any adult visiting this complex will be useful and interesting.

Gugong Museum (Forbidden City), Beijing, China

In its splendor, only the Versailles palace complex in Europe can argue with the Forbidden City in Beijing, and in Asia and America it simply has no equal. Half a millennium of imperial China is represented in 999 rooms, halls, and terraces of the palace complex.

Chinese National Museum, Beijing - description

As you know, Chinese civilization is one of the oldest on earth. Many works have been written about it, but there is something that helps to know the country better than the pages of books. These are museums. China in this sense, of course, is no exception. We will get acquainted with the museums of this wonderful ancient and country. And we will begin, perhaps, with the China National Museum.

Museum of Chinese Characters, China

One of the things that China is undoubtedly famous for is its writing. Chinese writing refers to ideographic writing. The exact age of Chinese writing has not been determined, but it has been suggested that it appeared about 4-5 thousand years ago. Such a letter is considered a real art, so it is not surprising that the Chinese people paid tribute to this, and therefore the Museum of Chinese characters appeared. He appeared recently, in 2009. This museum is located in Anyang, in the province of Henan. The opening place of the museum was not chosen by chance: it was here at the turn of the 19th - 20th centuries that the most ancient monuments of Chinese writing were found. Hieroglyphics on the museum sign are made by the 5th chairman of the PRC.



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