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Berlin is not only the capital of Germany, but also the most significant city in the country. The population of the city exceeds many European cities, with the exception of London. At the same time, tourist diversity and inexpensive holidays are considered the main advantages of Berlin. Also, this city is called the center of youth recreation. Indeed, having arrived in Berlin, it is difficult not to notice a lot of young people, an abundance of leisure and entertainment opportunities, a variety of cultural programs and recommended places to visit.

Today, Berlin is a real world cultural center, one of the most interesting and visited by tourists European capitals. There are not only universities, various research institutes, but also a large number of museums, exhibition centers, galleries - from art to technical. Museums in Berlin still carefully preserve the beauty of paintings of eminent Renaissance artists.

Visit Berlin is worth it anyway. The city has a lot of interesting objects - the Reichstag building, a television tower and many others. Today, many artists, writers live in Berlin and quite a lot of works of art are dedicated, and this is no coincidence, because the city still retains the characteristic features of medieval buildings. The squares, which are objects that are correct in shape, spacious, wide streets (such as Unter den Linden), baroque buildings and ceremonial ensembles allow you to feel the spirit of this city.

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