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The capital of the Czech Republic plays an enormous role in the history and culture of Europe. For a long time, it was Prague that was the capital of the huge Holy Roman Empire of the German nation. To everything, we can add that this is one of the oldest cities in the Old World, and therefore one of the most beautiful.

IN museums in Prague masterpieces of world art are kept, the treasury of Czech kings makes a strong impression on the most sophisticated tourists. In the galleries of the collection of paintings you can find the works of all famous masters, and the sculptures of the Baroque era are simply amazing.

Prague is not only a rich history, it is also a very modern city. The Czech Republic is famous for its contemporary artists and sculptors. European postmodernism is unthinkable without Czech art.

Numerous monasteries, villas, palaces, offer tourists dozens of galleries for every taste.

Unusual, non-standard places - a visiting card of the Czech capital. After all, Prague is the city of Kafka, Flies, Warhol and many other masters.

Picturesque gardens and parks of the old capital allow you to relax from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

If you add here the unique warm and sincere atmosphere of this city, then Prague can be considered one of the most hospitable cities for tourists.

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