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A little about each museum

Vienna in Europe has always been a city of exquisite architecture and art. The museums of the Austrian capital hold an honorable place in the world ranking, and the number of picturesque, sculptural and decorative and applied masterpieces can impress the most sophisticated tourists.

The championship here belongs, of course, to the imperial palaces: Belvedere, Liechtenstein, Hofburg and Schönbrunn. In the halls of the palaces housed the best works of art in Europe for several centuries, and a walk in all the palaces will take at least a week.

Of particular note is the Museum of Art History. The exposition of this institution allows you to see the works of those masters who make up the glory of world painting and sculpture.

It is hard to imagine Vienna without Freud. The museum of the famous psychotherapist allows you to get acquainted not only with the history of the life and work of the father of psychoanalysis, but also learn about the practice of psychiatry of the 19th century.

For those who want to add adrenaline to their blood, it is recommended to visit one of the most controversial museums in Vienna - the Tower of Crazy People. The former clinic for violent mental patients now offers visitors to get acquainted with the harsh everyday life of the clinic, treatment methods, and also has a large collection of pathological exhibits. Strings of ugly babies in vessels with formalin, tools for tearing apart will not leave indifferent all lovers of this kind of exhibitions.

Vienna is the capital of modern art, which is why many museums here are devoted to modernist trends in art, as well as the post-modern searches of contemporary masters. Vienna House of Art and Forum Austria - for those who prefer contemporary art experiments to traditional values.

Mozart’s apartments and the Strauss House Museum are also popular in Vienna - it’s simply impossible to imagine the Austrian capital without music.

And those who look at the world very pessimistically and mournfully will be interested in the exposition of the Museum of funeral supplies, which includes very unusual items of funeral ceremonies.

Watch the video: Vienna: Belvedere - Museum and Palace in 4k (August 2022).