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May Flowers, Victor Borisov-Musatov - description of the painting

May Flowers, Victor Borisov-Musatov - description of the painting

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May flowers - Victor Elpidiforovich Borisov-Musatov. 51 x 64 cm

During his studies at the Moscow School, Viktor Elpidiforovich Borisov-Musatov spent all his vacations in the Saratov Region, where he devoted much time to writing sketches in nature. The finished work, which he exhibited at the student exhibition, was a great success, and the painting "May Flowers" was immediately bought.

Spring noon. Fluffy clouds are floating in the blue sky. The street is flooded with sunlight. It’s very hot, the windows of a large wooden house open, painted in calm coffee-gray tones. Next to them are young, low, tall apple trees. Snow-white flowers create a unique exquisite openwork pattern among silver-green foliage. Green lush grass with a soft thick carpet covers the ground.

Two girls are playing in front of the house. To the right, almost turned away from the viewer, is the youngest one, dressed in a dress with a wide turn-down collar made of white fabric with small patterns. Brown hair is braided in tight little pigtails, a sunny bunny crouched on a small ear.

Opposite her, an older girl, in a pale lilac outfit with black trim on the collar, belt and sleeves. Copper-red hair is cut into a highly braided braid. Her tender face flushed. Raising her hands, she prepares to throw a bright red ball to her friend.

The clear air is filled with a sweet, delicate aroma. A soft buzzing of bees is heard, and sonorous girlish laughter violates sleepy silence.

Ink master uses a little. Dark green, almost black, shadows emphasize malachite and emerald shades of grass, the soft glow of white clothes and delicate flowers. Warm light brown tones of houses and land complement the palette. The only bright spot that immediately attracts attention is the scarlet ball.

The master’s work is very reminiscent of the impressionist style - an instant captured on canvas, conveying the joy of a spring day, vivacity and happiness. It is filled with light and transparent heady air. Just a moment - and everything will change: the ball will fly, the girls will fall off their feet, and only blossoming apple trees will remain under the bright rays of the midday sun.

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