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"Elbrus in the clouds", Nikolai Aleksandrovich Yaroshenko - description of the painting

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Elbrus in the clouds - Nikolai Aleksandrovich Yaroshenko. 134 x 90 cm

The painting "Elbrus in the Clouds" was painted on the slope of the artist. By that time, the Association of Wanderers, to which Yaroshenko had dedicated his life, no longer existed in the previous composition, but his ideals remained unchanged.

The artist liked to portray the Caucasus: this theme can be traced in many of his works. It was especially clearly manifested at the end of tuj creative path. Perhaps the mountains and rocks attracted the master not only for their beauty, but also for their inherent unwaveringness.

It is known that Yaroshenko valued fidelity to ideals above other virtues, and people surrounded him were not as stable in their views as he was. Friends became strangers, fans became critics.

So, Nikolai Alexandrovich was very unhappy that Repin, who had once participated in the joint work of the Partnership, returned to the Academy. Yaroshenko, who was called the "conscience" of the Wanderers, considered this a betrayal.

The mountains, however, will not move, no matter what happens. Looking at them, the painter rested from a volatile and bustling world in which there was nothing to rely on except his own conscience and inspired creativity.

The picture is made in dark colors and seems somewhat sad. The viewer is embraced by a feeling of sweet sadness bordering on nostalgia. Gray-blue clouds almost completely envelop the mountain range, the majestic Elbrus is visible only in the distance. The foothills are covered with all shades of green - from light green to malachite - mixed with a brown tone.

A few years before his death, the artist summed up his life. She was not cloudless or filled with joy and light. But always, both as a creator and as a person, Yaroshenko remained true to himself and unshakable. He is like Elbrus: he is just as sturdy, so high in his morality and creative greatness.

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