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“Ai-Petri. Crimea ”, Arkhip Kuindzhi - description of the painting

“Ai-Petri. Crimea ”, Arkhip Kuindzhi - description of the painting

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Ai-Petri. 39 x 53 cm

A. Inspired by the views of the Crimea, Arkhip Ivanovich wrote several dozen works.

After the death of the master, the Kuindzhi Society of Artists planned to transfer Ai-Petri. Crimea »Mariupol Art Museum. This was prevented by World War II and the Civil War. As a result, the creation remained in St. Petersburg.

The sensational story of the abduction is connected with this canvas. On January 27, 2019, 32-year-old Denis Chuprikov stole a painting from the Tretyakov Gallery, while an exhibition of Kuindzhi's works was held there. Fortunately, the stolen masterpiece was found and returned to its rightful place in just 2 days.

Ironically, Chuprikov was from Crimea, the very Crimea that Kuindzhi loved so much.

Monumentally and as if in a fog depicts Arkhip Ivanovich Mount Ai-Petri. Going into the distance, mountain ranges ascend under a light blue sky. They are stretched along the entire length of the canvas, like a stone crown. A steep cliff with a slight excitement envelops the dark blue sea.

The rays of the sun, falling on the carved shoulders of the giants, open to the human eye the creation of nature. Kuindzhi, skillfully applying color extensions and gradations - from blue-black to gray with a blue tint - captures the beautiful.

The effect of the transition from rapidly growing translucent skies to the attractive, eye-catching waves of the Black Sea is created.

The sea and two giants, as if by conspiracy, are eye-catching with a wide range of noble shades of blue.

The accuracy and penetration of each smear elicits a response even in the most callous soul; even a person indifferent to nature will feel at first light, and then all the growing inspiration at the sight of this beautifully executed landscape.

Watch the video: When half a billion dollars worth of art vanished (July 2022).


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