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"Pinery. Mast forest in the Vyatka province ”, Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin - description of the painting

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Pinery. 117 x 165 cm

To reproduce the forests and nature of the homeland without embellishment, realistic and truthful - this is what Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin always strived for.

And when in the summer of 1872 at the exhibition, which was organized by the St. Petersburg Society for the Promotion of Artists, his work “Pine Forest. Mast forest in the Vyatka province ”, it made a huge impression not only on the audience, but also on critics and colleagues in art.

Craftsmanship, great knowledge of nature, the thoroughness of the details written are simply amazing and amazing. We can say that the painting marked the transition of the artist to a real creative maturity.

How mighty and majestic the Russian forest appears. Each tree has its own individuality, its own "fate". Here in the center are strong giants, widely and freely spreading their branches and crowns. Below them are funny and clumsy cubs who have climbed out to a sunny place to profit from something edible and drink water from a transparent and cold stream.

Here is a half trunk broken by the winds, with sharp breaks. And nearby - a fallen dry, and once with strong roots, tree. Between them are young trees reaching for the sun. And near the water, on the right and on the left, old stumpy stumps that have outlived their age, and whitish boulders.

The whole landscape is saturated with a great love of the artist for his native Russian land. How proudly and imposingly, calmly and proudly these centuries-old trees stand, how quietly and serene in a pine forest on a beautiful summer day. Only a large bird soars silently in the ringing air.

Ivan Ivanovich had a brilliant talent to create a landscape as if it was an illustration for a fairy tale plot. But starting to look at it, the viewer sees such a realistic picture, with every blade of grass, twig and pebble drawn, that one can only endlessly be surprised at his abilities, patience and skill.

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