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The painting "Calm", 1885, Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky - description

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Calm - Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky. 42 x 62 cm

Painting and music are very similar, they cause the same emotions in the human soul. Images of storms and surging waves make a great impression, but the calm, serene sea in his works fascinates no less.

Before us is a magnificent blue symphony of color: light, light, airy. Summer sunny day. High in the sky, fluffy white clouds float, their reflections with white and pink shadows lie on light azure water. A sea of ​​some incredible color - it imperceptibly changes its shades from aquamarine and azure in the foreground to the most delicate mother of pearl-lilac halftones on the horizon, merging with the sky.

The ship stands motionless near the shore, its reflection is clearly visible on a calm mirror surface. Straightened white sails hung lifeless, with narrow stripes hanging from the masts of three-color Italian flags. Total calm, calm. Even the noisy gulls sleepily sit on the water.

Transparent turquoise waves with a narrow border of foam lazily rush to the gentle beach. Through them, stones on the seabed are clearly visible. Low tide - the water receded, leaving two boats on the wet sand, and dark green and brown algae dry under the scorching sun.

Heat, noon. Heated air smells of the sea. Conveniently located in the boats, sailors rest. Two sailors and a girl talk slowly on the shore. In bright sunlight, the white color of the shirts seems dazzling, but the sides of the wooden boats become almost black. In the distant haze, the pale purple-blue outlines of the rocks, the ghostly silhouettes of the ships standing on the roads are lost.

On a small hill you can see the sunlit city with snow-white buildings, to which an aqueduct with high arches stretches along the sea. Near the shore, waiting for the wind, there are many fishing sailboats.

The picture is like a gem shimmering in the sunlight.

The artist used only a few colors - white, blue and green, adding a little gray and brown. Thanks to his favorite painting technique - glaze, the colors acquired saturation and sonority, and the image reached depth and realism. The high sky and the vast expanse of the sea are filled with light and spaciousness.

You can admire the tenderness and lyricism of this landscape, sounding like beautiful, unearthly music for a very long time.

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