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“Boy looking for fleas”, Gerard Terborch - description of the painting

“Boy looking for fleas”, Gerard Terborch - description of the painting

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Boy looking for fleas - Gerard Terborch. 34.4 x 27.1 cm

The painter Gerard Terborch entered the history of the Golden Age of Holland as a portrait painter and an excellent performer of the everyday genre - a calm, measured life and interior of the Dutch inhabitants. His works attract with subtlety, thoughtfulness and even emotionality.

And how unusual and original the children are on the canvases of Terborch. These are not idyllic chubby babies, but quite lively, decisive, self-sufficient and independent characters. Like, for example, in this picture.

Terborch, like all Dutch artists, shows a "piece" of the life of a boy from a simple Dutch family in a confined space - in the walls of the house, in a small room. The viewer does not see either windows or doors, only the corner of a small room.

Furniture - the most necessary - a chair, a low bench with an old hat thrown at her, and a table on which there is a notebook and a small inkwell.

The color scheme is very limited, the colors are muffled, but the coloring and shades of colors are simply magnificent and noble. The soft color of the olive-gray wall, which is a spectacular backdrop for the figure of a boy, is especially noteworthy.

Perhaps, only gray-blue pants of a little boy stand out in color, and the shiny brown coat of a dog lying on the boy’s lap.

And the main character of the canvas is focused on such an interesting thing as catching fleas in a dog. This lesson seems to him more exciting than the lessons, and for his sake all school supplies are abandoned.

Terborch reproduces the figure of a boy with amazing astonishing accuracy, his concentrated and enthusiastic face bending over the animal, his fingers cleverly fingering the dog’s coat.

This picture, simple in its plot, very lively and real, thanks to the talent of Gerard Terborch, is always interesting to the viewer.

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