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“Portrait of a musician”, Leonardo da Vinci - description of the painting

“Portrait of a musician”, Leonardo da Vinci - description of the painting

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Portrait of a musician - Leonardo da Vinci. 43 x 31 cm

The only male portrait by Leonardo da Vinci, preserved to this day. It got its current name after the restoration in 1904, when the notes of "Angel Song" became visible on the sheet of paper that the young man holds in his hands.

The picture remained unfinished, only the face of the young man was completely painted. The robe is just outlined - against a deep black background wide strokes of mustard-olive shades flicker dimly. The artist placed several accents: a dazzling white, thin stripe of a collar, grayish-white folds of a shirt, visible in a section on his chest, a pale cream sheet of paper. The brightest spot is the orange-red cap on the head.

Unfinished were the long, graceful fingers of the musician's right hand, with which he carefully holds notes.

The young man calmly poses, turning in three quarters. A ray of light is snatched from the darkness by an intelligent, spiritualized face full of inner strength and dignity.

Shadows are subtly replaced by light, warm shades flow smoothly from golden brown to soft body tones. All this allows the artist to very realistically convey a thin face, a barely noticeable dimple on the chin, to shade in relief the slightly sunken cheeks, high cheekbones.

Beautiful bright eyes, bordered by a thin black line of eyelashes, are very expressive and unusually vibrant. Thin dark eyebrows extending to the temples emphasize their unusual cut. Dark chestnut thick curls are knocked out from under the red cap, descend on the shoulders.

The musician’s gaze is fixed inside him. What was he thinking about? What tune does he hear? Or maybe he is composing music?

The picture is warm and peaceful. Thanks to the mastery of Leonardo da Vinci, a living person appears before us with his dreams, thoughts and aspirations.

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