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Abram Efimovich Arkhipov, paintings and biography

Abram Efimovich Arkhipov, paintings and biography

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The artist-painter A. He lived simply, easily and freely, but at the same time showed great industriousness and perseverance in devoting himself to art. Thanks to his talent, many brilliant canvases appeared that are valued, loved and respected by our contemporaries.

Abram Arkhipov (Pyrikov) grew up in a family of freed peasants. Parents - poor, village people, belonged to the landowner Sergei Chufarovsky, later they were released to live a free life. Abram's father and mother loved each other very much and lived in perfect harmony, giving his son a lot of care and attention. He studied at a local school, where he showed great ability to draw. He was friends with village children, loved nature and animals. Parents encouraged his son's passion for drawing and saved money to continue his professional education.

In 1876, they sent the boy to study in Moscow. In the capital, young Abram entered the school of painting, architecture and sculpture. He studied successfully and perfectly, showing great interest and zeal in the sciences. His favorite teachers and mentors were painters Perov, Savrasov, Makovsky, Polenov. Enormous perseverance and dedication helped him become a true master of his craft. The young man actively participated in various exhibitions, and everywhere his work found public recognition.

In 1883, Abram Efimovich entered the Academy of Artists, but did not finish it and returned to his native school. Here he conducted teaching, leading a full-time class. Particularly successful was his artistic work, “Girlfriends, or a Visit to the Sick,” in which he portrayed a mother who had lost interest in the world due to illness. Her neighbor carefully visits her. For this picture, the artist was awarded a silver medal and the title of class artist.

In 1888, he, along with his study friend, went on a trip along the Volga, where friends were engaged in artistic creation, discussed their plans, and made sketches. Abram conquered the vastness of this beautiful land, as a result of which the picturesque painting "On the Volga" was created. Plein air landscape conquered the whole capital! It combined a genre theme and poetic lyrics. Arkhipov was an honorary member of the Wanderers' Partnership.

The artist paid much attention to the Russian north. He painted excellent landscapes with its beautiful, harsh nature and wooden architecture, filled with the original colorful color of this amazing land. He was attracted by the theme of peasant life and villages. He adored creating portraits of peasant women, captivating his eyes and imagination with their appearance and clothing.

The artist traveled to France, Germany, Italy. In 1924, he joined the Association of Artists of Russia. In 1927, the master of the brush A. Arkhipov was awarded the title of People's Artist of the Republic.

In life, the artist did not find a family. The artwork was continued by his relative Alla Bedina. A. Arkhipov left the earthly world on September 25, 1930. His artistic creations are kept in museums and galleries in Russian cities.

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