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“The fascist flew”, Arkady A. Plastov - description of the painting

“The fascist flew”, Arkady A. Plastov - description of the painting

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The fascist flew by - Arkady Aleksandrovich Plastov. Oil on Canvas 138 x 185 cm

1943, Tehran Conference. Roosevelt, which became one of the arguments that influenced the opening of a second front. A. Plastov wrote it in 1942. There was a heavy bloody war, which spared neither the soldiers nor the civilian population.

Fall. White fluffy clouds are floating in the high blue sky. A small grove of thin white-birch birches is located on a slope on the left side of the canvas. Bright yellow, golden-red leaves flutter in the wind. The warm sun warms the earth. A wonderful quiet day. But it is worth peering - and you feel how goosebumps begin to run on the skin.

Right in front of us, in the lower right corner of the picture, is a little shepherd, awkwardly twisting her arm. Tight legs in dark trousers are tightened. An old faded gray-brown clothing is hardly noticeable among the ripe, dried grass. Mortal pallor spilled over the children's face, blood dripping to the ground through dark brown hair. The whip rolled out to the side, dropped out of the hand, next to it lies a hat that has fallen off the head.

A bright spot in the foreground of the canvas is a small shaggy black and white dog. She howls sadly, raising her face to the sky, where in the blue distance the silhouette of a fascist plane melts. Flying over peaceful land, he fired a line from a machine gun - and the baby would never run on the ground. The sound of the engine died down, dead cows remained lying on the hill, the surviving sheep huddled together in a flock, inhaling the air anxiously.

And around there is still an endless expanse of verdant winter fields, a high haystack, a road wet with rain leading to the horizon. Brown branches of bushes and small pale green Christmas trees stand out against the background of yellowed grass. And only the howling of the dog breaks the silence of the autumn day.

Muffled, dim colors, cold bluish-green tones, calm yellowish-olive and gray-brown shades give rise to feelings of sadness and compassion. When you look at the canvas, you sharply feel the tragedy and horror of the war, but at the same time, there is growing confidence that the Russian people will stand up in this struggle. The picture calls for this to never happen again.

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