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"Siverko", Ilya Semenovich Ostroukhov - description of the painting

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Siverko - Ilya Semenovich Ostroukhov. 119 x 85 cm

Siverko is a word well known to the inhabitants of Pomerania and the northern regions of Russia. It has long been called the cold wind from the north, which was catching clouds, bad weather and literally piercing all life on its way to the bones, even in the summer.

The canvas under this name was painted by landscape painter Ilya Ostroukhov and exhibited at the XIX exhibition of the Association of Traveling Exhibitions. Even before the painting arrived at the exhibition, it was acquired by Pavel Tretyakov for his collection, which later became the famous Tretyakov Gallery.

This picture can not boast of some exotic plot or colorful characters. This is a typical landscape of the central part of Russia or its northern lands. It depicts a bend of a wide river. This motive is often found among artists. But here the landscape is served from an unusual point of view. It seems that the viewer himself is standing on the riverbank and watches how a strong wind causes ripples on its surface and catches up gloomy lead clouds covering the bright sky and hanging low over a flat, open landscape.

The artist skillfully emphasized the features of the river, one bank of which is gentle, and the second is rather steep and steep. The shores are sandy, golden, pleasantly contrasting with the cold colors with which the water and the cloudy sky above it were painted. White seagulls fly down from the steep bank, as if frightened by the artist, emphasizing the power and greatness of the river. She turns to the side, leaving small islands in the bend in her path, covered with low, but rather dense vegetation.

On both sides of the river stretch green meadows with blooming grasses, and on the horizon a dark emerald strip rises forest, hiding beneath the hills. Low clouds are reflected in the water, and ripples and stripes on it emphasize how strong the siverka is blowing.

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