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“Miranda and the Storm”, John William Waterhouse - description of the painting

“Miranda and the Storm”, John William Waterhouse - description of the painting

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Miranda and the Storm - John William Waterhouse. 110.4 x 137.8 cm

A magnificent, insightful, picturesque masterpiece was created by the artist D. Her plot is a literary scene.

The artist created this canvas under the influence of W. Shakespeare's play “The Storm”. He was inspired by this work to the core. All his experiences, emotions, sensations formed the basis for creating a unique picture. The artwork illustrates Shakespeare's The Tempest.

The picture depicts a young girl Miranda. She stands on the seashore and looks anxiously into the distance. The ocean is raging, the wind is howling, a strong storm is playing. Water boils, foams and raises sand from the bottom. The wind is blowing the girl’s hair. She holds them with one hand, and presses the other to her heart, where the "moans" of people dying in a shipwreck sound. There is her uncle Antonio and the Neapolitan king Alonzo. But she cannot help them. Miranda is powerless before the raging elements. He and his father live on a desert island for twelve years due to the fault of an uncle who wanted to seize power and the throne in his hands. The Duke of Prospero possessed magical powers and, with the help of spirits, caused a storm.

The artist depicted the tragic and dramatic plot of the death of the ship Alonzo. Miranda is shocked at the sight of a shipwreck. She is halfway to the audience, but on her face you can read the anxiety for the lives of people on a sinking ship, fear and despair. Her long blue dress resonates in unison with the sea. The lower women's skirt, collar, cuffs and bag on the belt are contrasting with bright red hair and wild cliffs. Autumn landscape evokes sadness, sadness and inevitability. During the storm, she will meet her love and be happy! Her chosen one will be the king’s son - the young and handsome Prince Fernando.

The brush master used soft and free strokes, bright and dark colors, different shades, expressed in tone of the "mood" of the picture. He sought to create a brilliant masterpiece and created a painting.

The picture gives faith, hope, love, goodness, enriching the audience with interesting impressions. It will look great in the home interior of the living room, bedroom, children's room and study.

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