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“Haymaking”, Peter Brueghel the Elder - description of the painting

“Haymaking”, Peter Brueghel the Elder - description of the painting

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Haymaking - Peter Brueghel the Elder. 114 x 158 cm

The wonderful painting "Haymaking" was painted by artist Peter Bruegel the Elder. Its plot is a genre scene.

Peter Bruegel worked on the canvas with great inspiration. He painted by order of N. Jongelink, a connoisseur and collector of painting from Belgium. An artistic masterpiece adorned his dining room. The picture was included in a series of six paintings "The Seasons".

Masters brushes painted a landscape scene, standing behind a canvas on a hill. The plot is depicted from the average height of the terrain. He loved nature and people very much. The artist was attracted to peasant life. He admired the work of farmers. It was for the creation of this canvas that Peter Bruegel received the interesting nickname "Muzhitsky".

In the lower right corner of the picture, the peasant is lucky to sell vegetables and berries to the market. People carry on their heads baskets of goods. Two women with a rake are walking along the road in the opposite direction from haymaking. They hurry home, tired of the heat and work in the field. In the lower left corner the man sharpens a long braid. The meadows are already mowed, but he is preparing tools for future use for future harvest.

It is July. Summer suffering fills the peasants with a sense of joy and pride in their labor. Men and women are collecting golden hay in stacks. Nearby children are having fun frolic. The earth is warmed by the hot sun. People are dressed in season, light hats on the heads of peasants. Harnessed horses in a cart with hay eagerly drink water from a tub.

On the left on the rock is an ancient monastery. In the center of the composition is a village with a church, behind which there is a windmill. In the distance stretches a wonderful mountain landscape. The artist painted mountains, a river, a blue sky with clouds. A boat is floating on the river. You feel calm and silence. The harmony of the universe is beautiful and amazing!

The picture captivates with bright colors and tones. Bruegel managed to convey all the rainbow colors of nature, using red, yellow, brown, green, blue and white colors. Peasants are a piece of earth and space. Their work is earthly joy!

Artwork gives a good mood. It stimulates vision, normalizes the psycho-emotional background, charges with favorable energy.

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