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Despair. 45 cm x 55 cm

Gustave Courbet wrote a brilliant art masterpiece! The painting "Despair. Author's work is kept in his private collection.

In the picture, the brush master talented and gifted portrayed himself. This is his great art and great spiritual perfection. The skill of the artist is simply unique! Gustave Courbet portrayed himself in moments of indignation, confusion, despair. In his life he had such difficult moments when the soul rushes about and demands to go outside. In this situation, the artist threw out his emotional state with paints on the canvas.

In the center of the canvas depicts a beautiful, young face of a man, with a mustache, beard and wide eyes, in the look of which fear is noticeable. Eyebrows in an arc speak of some kind of surprise, but at the same moment about the inevitable event that he recognized. His hands are raised up to his head. The artist is very shocked by this moment!

Courbet used dark tones of colors in his work, but the composition bears a vivid expressiveness. Each line is written clearly, subtly, sensually. It is interesting to contemplate the picture, reflecting on what so surprised and mentally shocked the author of the work. The face of the young man is pleasant in all plans. Despite his strong tension, this clean appearance carries a bright image of an angel dreaming of earthly happiness.

The artist skillfully conveyed his emotional state, impasse, emotional crisis with paints. The background of the picture is gloomy and painful, but a glimmer of light is felt. The picture also has white, light colors. This means that not everything is lost, and all the best is ahead! This is the idea of ​​the picture.

The artwork is unsurpassed good! It attracts the attention of many connoisseurs and connoisseurs of art. The painting is great for designing art studios and training centers.

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