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“Cabin in the Mountains”, Gustave Courbet - description of the painting

“Cabin in the Mountains”, Gustave Courbet - description of the painting

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Cabin in the mountains - Gustave Courbet. 33 x 49 cm

The magnificent alpine, picturesque landscape was written by Gustave Courbet! The painting “Cabin in the Mountains” was created in Switzerland in the genre of realism.

Painting is the artist’s best inspired landscape! He adored nature and found calm, serenity, comfort of his restless soul in it. He was attracted by interesting subjects and vibrant natural phenomena. In the foreground of the picture is a lonely, peasant house in the Alps. It is surrounded on all sides by high mountains. The colors of the artistic images vary, but gray-brown predominates. The background of the canvas is dark. It is difficult to determine the moments of the day. Near the house is a wooden annex for household needs. In the courtyard on the clothesline is dried. Smoke comes from the chimney, a stove is fired in the house. Indoors live people who are engaged in rural life and love nature. It was no coincidence that the owners of the house chose such a beautiful location.

At the house grass is green, the edge of the road leading to the mountains is visible. On the mighty mountain peaks there is no vegetation at all, only stones and ravines. In the background are paintings of snow-capped mountains. There are eternal snows, glaciers and a cold climate. Alpine meadows and pastures spread out below. It is warm and blooming gardens, people live.

Amazing alpine natural landscape! The artist talentedly conveyed in him the severity of classical beauty and harmony of nature, focusing on each element. The picture delights the audience with its originality! She gives a good mood, peace of mind and quiet contemplation.

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