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“Funeral in Ornans”, Gustave Courbet - description of the painting

“Funeral in Ornans”, Gustave Courbet - description of the painting

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The funeral in Ornan - Gustave Courbet. 315 x 660 cm

The artist Gustave Courbet portrayed the painting “Funeral in Ornan” in a picturesque and tragic way. It is written in the genre of realism.

The artwork was presented at the Paris Salon of 1851 and was inappropriately criticized by aristocrats. Gustave Courbet depicted the funeral plot of his grandfather in the picture. Gustave since childhood was cordially attached to him and loved him very much. He expressed all his feelings, grief, the bereavement of a loved one in an artistic style. The funeral took place in his homeland, in the city of Ornan.

His relatives, acquaintances, neighbors, friends and church officials took part in the funeral procession. The coffin with the body of the deceased is already lowered into the burial pit. A priest in black robes reads an akathist about repose. Behind him is another man, in a white liturgical mantle. He holds in his hands a long rod, on top of which stands a cross with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Nearby are children, grieving women and men. Women are dressed in black, mourning dresses; men in black suits with white capes.

The background of the picture is dark, with a predominance of night colors. The mood is gloomy and painful. After attending the funeral, the artist for a long time could not recover, he had a severe shock from what he saw. Depression and uncontrollable anguish tormented him the first time. He suffered and overcame this state by painting. Creativity always helped him in life and led him out of emotional crises. A year later, the brush master created this artistic creation, showing how a genre scene was in memory of his own person.

Gustave Courbet was patriotic and devoted to his creative realism. It combined the best moral qualities, idealism, altruism and humanism. He did good and did what he saw in life. The picture is very personal, filled with love for people, God's providence and memorable events. A work of art does not need publicity and extra speeches. The artist did a great job by writing this work of art with faith and deep inner feelings.

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