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"Ingeborg", Arbo Peter Nikolay - description of the painting

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Ingeborg - Arbo Peter Nikolay

The painter Peter Nicholas Arbo is called the “singer” of Norwegian history, Scandinavian and German mythologies, and fairy tales.

The young man studied in Copenhagen, in Dusseldorf at the famous and influential Academy of Arts, lived and worked in Paris, in his native Norway. But historical and mythological topics interested him all his life.

In 1868 in France, Peter Nikolai painted a beautiful portrait of Ingeborg. What is the heroine interesting for the author?

Beautiful, fair-haired woman. Her gaze is calm and at the same time one feels inner strength, pride and self-esteem. And for good reason, because this is the daughter of the Norwegian king Sogn from Sognefjord.

The affection of Ingeborg and Fridtjof, the adopted son of the king, gradually grew into love. The young man asked the girl’s hands, but the king insulted and humiliated him, saying to everyone that she was not intended for the son of a peasant, but "only the king of power is worthy of the daughter of Valhalla clear." Fridtjof promises to conquer the beautiful Ingeborg, asks her to run away with him, but the girl after the death of her father cannot disobey the brothers, and the sad and disappointed young man goes to sea, later becoming a strong warrior and a brave Viking. After a while, the girl is married to an old king of the Ring.

Many more years pass before Fridtjof returns to his native places. The ring is dead, and Fridtjof, an already well-deserved warrior who enjoys universal love, is building a magnificent temple.

With many trials, Ingeborg and her beloved Viking Fridtjof have traveled a romantic, difficult, long journey before they could meet and “join hands over the altar” in this newly built temple, as described in Esayas Tegner’s Saga of Frytof.

Ingeborg by the sea, she looks into the distance, thinks about her beloved, believes in his return and, perhaps, this moment is captured by the talented artist Arbo.

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