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"Katya", Nikolai Ivanovich Feshin - description of the painting

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Katya - Nikolai Ivanovich Feshin. 57 x 53 cm

After graduating from the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, Feshin returns to Kazan, where he lives and teaches at the Kazan Art School. He has the title of artist, has been awarded academic awards and a trip abroad, is known for his genre works “Cheremis Wedding”, “Cabbage Girl”, the painting “Lady in Lilac” and others.

For Feshin, the time before the revolution, from 1911 to 1917, is the period of writing numerous portraits: famous people, relatives and friends, pupils and students of the school, friends and their children.

“Portrait of Katya”, written in 1912, first of all, attracts attention with the unusually large blue eyes of the heroine. A girl wraps herself in a shawl or a plaid, a hand holds a toy.

A delicate face is gracefully and finely painted in a unique way, the eyes of a childishly serious eye are captured.

And then - the typhoon, the rest of the contour as if a random filling of the canvas with paints. But this is seeming - the author has thought everything through and brilliantly clearly executed. As a result, out of a riot of colors appears volume, character, naturalness.

In the work on the portrait Feshin’s enthusiasm for impressionism is visible, in every brushstroke one feels dynamism, lightness, sweeping.

Nikolai Ivanovich instantly grasps the essence of the model, the portrait of Katya turned out to be very soulful, expressive, sincere. The artist does not like “smooth” painting; his strokes are relief and colorful. Due to this, the picture acquires volume and at the same time airiness.

Probably, Feshin’s students were fascinatingly interested in observing in the process of work the expressive, wide flight of the brush and palette knife of a talented painter. Feshin is simply an amazing master, his original language of painting is distinguished by energy, liveliness and, most importantly, originality.

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