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“Sleeping mother with a child”, Christian Krog - description of the painting

“Sleeping mother with a child”, Christian Krog - description of the painting

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Sleeping mother with a baby - Christian Krog.

In this film, Christian Krog decided to address the topic of motherhood. But Krog, as a follower of naturalism, did not recognize idealization in any form, depicting only realistic plots.

In the picture we see a sleeping mother with a child who is tired of household chores. A dirty table, spilled porridge and a tired woman - such a scene seems very familiar to every mother, which is why the viewer is imbued with sympathy for what is happening. Earlier, pictures of motherhood traditionally demonstrated a family idyll in the context of biblical and mythological subjects or showed an episode from the life of the nobility. But on this canvas, Krog decided to reject such patterns, creating an image of his mother as imperfect and mundane. By this, the artist wanted to show what many do not notice - the labor and trials that ordinary women face.

From a stylistic point of view, the artist showed himself as an impressionist and naturalist at the same time, although from the end of the XIX century these two trends were opposed to each other. Large, careless strokes in combination with pastel blue and orange tones are inherent in impressionism. But a clear outline of the silhouettes and detail of lighting are the hallmarks of naturalism.

In many works of Christian Krog, you can see with what respect he treated women. Therefore, in his works, including in the painting "Sleeping Mother with a Child", one can see the genuine lyricism and empathy with which female images were created. This is due to his personal relationship with his wife - artist Oda Krog (nee Larson), with whom he had two children. She was not just a lover, but also a muse, counselor. Perhaps this picture depicts the master’s wife herself.

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