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Selivanov Alexander Antonovich, biography of the artist

Selivanov Alexander Antonovich, biography of the artist

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Selivanov Alexander Antonovich was born on 08/23/1957 in the village of Orshanka, Orsha district of the Mari ASSR in a family of workers. He was killed on September 29, 2000 in the city of Yoshkar-Ola, the Republic of Mari El.

A recognized artist, cultural figure, painter, avant-garde artist, surrealist, graphic artist, icon painter, member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

Since 1967, the artist lived with his parents in Yoshkar-Ola, in 1969 he entered the city children's art school. In 1973, after graduating from 8th grade and 4th grade of a children's art school. In 1977 he graduated from the Moscow Art and Industrial College named after M.I. Kalinin. From 1977 to 1979 in the ranks of the Soviet army, he served in the conscript service. In 1979, after the army, he arrived in Yoshkar-Ola, got a job as a senior art editor in the publishing department of the Goskomizdat of the Mari ASSR. In 1980 he entered the correspondence department at the Moscow Polygraphic Institute at the faculty of "graphics". defended his thesis perfectly. Got married. Later, in January 1983, Alexander Selivanov moved with his first family to Tashkent, where he worked in the Goskomizdat system in Tashkent. He worked as the art editor of the publishing house of literature and art named after Gafur Gulyam, (from September 4, 1985 to February 12, 1986) as the senior art editor of the Tashkent branch of the Rainbow publishing house. (from April 2, 1987 to March 15, 1988) In 1988 he was admitted to the Union of Artists of Russia.

He came back with his first wife and daughter to Yoshkar-Ola in the early nineties - during perestroika. Divorced in 1997. The artist was married twice. He was married for the second time since 1999. The last years of his life he worked as the Director of the Yoshkar-Ola Art School, headed the regional branch of the Union of Artists of Russia. At the exhibitions, paintings by Alexander Selivanov always aroused the interest of the audience, they stood out for their color, fascinated with stylistics. Alexander Selivanov began the search for his path in art in the 90s - the years were complex and ambiguous, which could not but have an impact on his fate and work. Changes in the politics and life of the country were reflected in the artist’s canvases in various genre performances. Being a highly talented person, he wrote in different styles. The artist was publicly recognized as a graphic artist. Graphic works, easel sheets and book series were awarded incentive diplomas of the all-Union book competitions in Moscow. According to the critics of the capital, he owned a pen and pencil, progressive methods of designing a book and a poster

According to, Selivanov Alexander Antonovich is included in the register of “Professional Artists of the Russian Empire, the USSR,“ Russian Abroad ”, the Russian Federation and the republics of the former Soviet Union (XVIII-XXI centuries) as a recognized artist in two-dimensional space (painter, graphic artist, poster artist, theater artist, illustrator, animator, batist, etc.) The legacy of Alexander Selivanov is diverse. These are realistic landscapes, portraits, icons, easel graphics, paintings with inimitable style and color. Many of his works are uninhibited in plastic and composition. For the artist there were no restrictions in the style, while he unimaginably detailed painted faces of the saints. He subtly felt and was able to accurately express the details and the main idea of ​​the work. The artistic technique and originality of his work is undeniable. Alexander Selivanov is one of the few artists whose work makes you stop and think about the essence of being and focus on the deep details of the picture.

The life of an artist full of creative plans, a highly professional, erudite deep man and artist ended abruptly and tragically on the night of September 29, 2000 from the hands of robbers who entered his apartment. The creator was killed with such cruelty that it becomes terrible from the awareness of the martyrdom and the last minutes of life of this deep man who managed to stay living in “eternity” not only in his graphic, picturesque, avant-garde and surreal works, but also in the eternal faces of the saints, written by him during his lifetime.

The more understandable is his love of God during his lifetime, the depth, detail and sensitivity of his work as an icon painter. He managed to make his eternal contribution to the painting of such icons as images of the Kazan, Vladimir Mother of God, the image of Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, George the Victorious and many others.

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