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“Coastal landscape”, Lars Herterwig - description of the painting

“Coastal landscape”, Lars Herterwig - description of the painting

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Coastal landscape - Lars Herterwig.

If you do not know the tragic history of life and the psychic illness of the artist, it is difficult to see something unusual or reflecting schizophrenic visions in this picture. At first, and even at a second glance, this is also a beautiful, masterfully painted seascape.

The picture is dated 1855, a dozen years before the artist entered the disease in a progressive stage. Perhaps that is why the canvas seems completely normal.

Looking closely, one can note the only strangeness that can easily be attributed to the author’s vision. This is the edge of the water, which does not exist as such. The border between the sea and land is very arbitrary, it is indicated only by color, so it seems that in the picture the water smoothly passes into the land. This is emphasized by specific brush strokes in the form of spiky waves. They do not end on the shore, but continue on the ground, only not in bluish-green, but in rusty-brown tones.

The sky is written in a completely different technique, with smoother, smoother, and neater strokes. It is covered with clouds and occupies most of the picture. The image is very realistic and voluminous, the canvas seems to be filled with air, and the space has depth. All this indicates that Herterwig was a very gifted, talented master, whose career was ruined by his mental illness.

The bay opening in front of the audience is deserted, only in the distance there is a group of small sailboats in the roadstead. On the shore there was a village barely visible behind large stones in two huts, painted in the same colors as the entire coast. Behind the houses, the dark masts of the jolly ships with lowered sails are barely visible.

The water in the bay is quiet, calm, but the sky is pre-storm, swollen with heavy, dark clouds. Nothing has happened yet, but you can literally feel the feeling of an impending thunderstorm, this picture is so realistic.

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