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“Silver tureen”, Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin - description of the painting

“Silver tureen”, Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin - description of the painting

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Silver tureen - Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin. 76.2 x 108 cm

A neat flowerpot, a fragile jug, a side of an apple shining in the sun ... No, it's not about Chardin. This French artist was close in origin to the so-called third estate. The son of a carpenter, Sharden from childhood, learned to find the beautiful in the simplest and most ordinary, and becoming a famous artist did not change his tastes. Rather, he changed the tastes of high society.

The canvas shows a tureen of silver. And next to it lies a very realistic written-out stiffened rabbit and a shot bird - not the worst ingredients for soup. Bright spots that take away the viewer's attention are apples and pears. Despite the disarming naturalism, everything together is not without sympathy and even internal nobility.

The simplicity and ease of composition is actually the result of accurate calculations and estimates of Chardin. He carefully thought out what his “genre scene” would look like (namely, this is how the painter called his canvases). As a result, the canvas looks like a frame of a certain art newsreel. Everything is easy and natural.

The picture is characterized by a rather dark color. That is why all color spots look lighter and more prominent and expressive. And the light brown hair of the killed rabbit, and the cat, and the mirror shine of the tureen. The rest of the master uses wood, brown and green colors - Chardin's favorite palette.

The plot of the work is dynamic and unexpected oppositions. On the one hand, we see dead animals, hunting trophies, and on the other, a crouching cat, so active and funny. She crouched, ready to jump on the "goodies" seen in front of her. Life and death in the space of one picture. And all this revolves around a simple prosaic item - not very polished silver tureen.

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