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"Balestran", Hans Dahl - description of the painting

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Balestran - Hans Dahl.

A talented Norwegian artist proved himself to be a brilliant colorist, since in this picture, like in any other of his works, color combinations are especially harmonious in their diversity.

The canvas depicts the usual working day of Norwegian workers. On a small boat under sail they transport a mop of mowed fragrant hay. You have to get by water, because the meadows are separated by long and narrow winding bays with rocky shores - fjords.

This is clearly seen in the picture - to the right of the viewer, the shore is low and gentle, abundantly overgrown with bright, green vegetation. On the opposite shore, a patch of fresh greenery is also visible, obviously, just from there a boat with sloping hay floats.

The central far part of the composition is occupied by high steep rocks, covered from above by snow-white caps of eternal snows. Against the backdrop of a soft blue sky, the mountains seem to be grayish-purple, and the warm reddish and orange reflections of the setting sun make them visually lighter, more airy, and deprive of excessive massiveness.

Light scattered clouds are also painted with warm sunny colors, so that the composition seems even more airy and deep. Bright colors were used in this canvas, but they are so precisely dosed and distributed among cool light shades that they do not creep out persistently into the foreground, but create a very comfortable and pleasant picture for the eyes. The central part of the canvas is a boat under sail and two people in it . A young girl in a beautiful national dress with a scarlet vest, white shirt and dark skirt is sitting on a pile of fresh hay. Although her face cannot be seen, she immediately seems familiar to everyone who has already seen other paintings by the master. This character is present on almost all of his canvases unchanged as a symbol of Norway itself.

The second person in the boat is a man sitting on oars. He is also dressed in a bright outfit, and the boat itself and all who are in it are beautifully reflected in the calm surface of the water in the fjord. This gives the canvas extra depth and expression.

The image of water in the picture is a special topic for conversation. It is silver, lively and mobile, giving the canvas dynamics and adding to it the play of light, shadow and subtle shades of color. With all the simplicity and unpretentiousness of the plot, the paintings of this artist literally fall into the soul of everyone who watches the viewer.

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