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Thirtieth Day, Friedensreich Hundertwasser - description of the painting

Thirtieth Day, Friedensreich Hundertwasser - description of the painting

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Thirtieth day - Friedensreich Hundertwasser, 1994. Mixed media.

The boldness of creative thought, the creativity of ideas and their implementation in the works of an Austrian artist with the “furious” name for us, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, is due not only to his extraordinary personality, but also to his educational features. It is known that he studied at the Montessori school, where classes took place in an unusual way - students took to the streets, went out into the countryside to thoroughly study the world around them, while learning everything with their own eyes, touching, touching, inhaling aromas.

From childhood, Hundertwasser discovered for himself that the world is huge and infinitely beautiful and tried his best to make it even better and brighter. The painting “Thirtieth Day”, created in 1994, is one of the brightest examples of not only the position of the master in relation to the world around him, but also as a litmus test of copyright style features, artistic philosophy. Bright colors seem to splash from the canvas, “dousing” its audience with cheerful energy. The picture is replete with details that I want to consider and solve.

Before us is a busy street. The houses, as usual with the master, do not consist of walls, but of windows. You can also note the dome on the houses - another favorite element of the artist. In general, the author of an unusual picture believed that people should not live in houses similar to boxes of the same type - this brings irreparable damage to health.

Outlandish cars move along the highways of the picture. The central machine is completely similar to some kind of animal, maybe a hedgehog without needles? A small plane, dissecting the sky, flies over the water channel, which is dotted with children's paper boats.

It can be noted that in the dynamic, peculiar cityscape, Hundertwasser organically fit human figures. This is another dominant idea of ​​the artist’s creativity - a person with the world around him must live in friendly harmonious interaction.

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