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“With the family”, Frederic Bazil - description of the painting

“With the family”, Frederic Bazil - description of the painting

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In the family circle - Frederic Basil. Oil on Canvas. 152 x 230 cm

Sunlight penetrating through the leaves of tree crowns, which falls in uneven spots on the ground - this technique was first used by the Impressionists and achieved filigree in it. Suffice it to recall Renoir. But Basil, who stood at the origins of the artistic movement, did not fail to experiment with this pictorial element. And at the same time to work in the open air, placing people in the landscape (a favorite topic for the master).

As actors, the artist chose his family - 10 people, without forgetting about himself. The viewer can see Frederic Bazil himself in the far left corner. You can immediately notice a certain stiffness of those present and note their frozen postures, but how much is original in terms of color, as well as in the interpretation of people. We see an individual portrait of each of the characters, with individual traits and characteristics.

A group of people is completely located in the shade of trees, and in the foreground you can notice a laconic still life of a hat and flowers. It is known that, initially, instead of a still life, Basil depicted small dogs here. The paintings even managed to visit exhibitions, but returning to the workshop, Basil decided to rework it, changing the foreground.

The role of sunlight in the picture, as usual among the impressionists, is significant - the sun makes the color of the ladies clothes brighter and more “airy”, which contrasts sharply with the black suits of men.

Basil's painting was accepted for an exhibition at the Salon, which could be considered official recognition. At the same time, the works of close friends, for example, Monet, were sharply criticized and rejected by the commission as tasteless. Basil, who shared the impressionist tastes, made excuses to friends that his work “With the Family” was accepted for the exhibition simply by mistake.

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