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“Peasant with a bridle”, Kramskoy - description of the painting

“Peasant with a bridle”, Kramskoy - description of the painting

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Peasant with a bridle. 125 x 93

The creative heritage of Ivan Kramskoy includes many portraits of outstanding scientists, statesmen, members of the royal family, and, of course, relatives. A separate page of creativity is portraits of ordinary people, peasants, distinguished by expressiveness and content.

Before us is Mina Moses, a peasant. A man of simple origin, however, appears before us in a majestic and noble manner. As in other portraits, Kramskoy sought to capture the personality, not the averaged archetype.

Mina holds a bridle in her hands, and his strained sinewy brushes are so beautifully written that involuntarily his gaze rests precisely on this element. The grandeur of the image is emphasized by both clothes and a figure - the Armenian falls off her mighty broad shoulders with beautiful straight folds.

The face of an old man is wisdom, life experience, clarity and common sense. A beard and bushy eyebrows provoked a discussion of critics who often compared the portrait hero with Leo Tolstoy. The same become, wisdom and peace.

The portrait is admirable, because it clearly shows not only a special authorial style, technique, but also the moral side of Ivan Kramskoy - respect for the simple peasant, his work, sympathy for his difficult life.

It should be noted that the first portrait of Mina Moiseyev Kramskoy painted in 1882.

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