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Flutist, Eduard Manet - description of the painting

Flutist, Eduard Manet - description of the painting

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Flutist - Eduard Manet. 161 x 97 cm

The painting “The Flutist” by Edward Manet is knocked out of the general series of his masterpieces. Concise, simple in construction, the work catches your eye from the first seconds.

The figure of the boy, depicted with a barely noticeable tilt, is distinguished by harmony, and his look is romantic and insightful - the young musician is perceived as a kind of vision, perhaps inspired by some kind of gentle melody played by the flute.

The color scheme of the work was solved in an interesting way - these are local color spots, the interaction of which is built on the contrast with each other. Bright red pants are harmoniously combined with a dark blue, almost black uniform, and the white elements of the costume and anklet bring liveliness and some dynamics to the character of the hero. Manet was very fond of all kinds of costumes and often “tried on” unusual characters on his heroes.

The role of the background is completely leveled, and the compositional construction by its simplicity resembles the work of Velazquez.

The hero himself is also very remarkable. He is young, but his pose and gaze give him a serious attitude to playing music, and every musician recognizes this look, looking at the viewer, but focused on the game - the flutist plays and at that moment only he and his music exist.

Critics still argue about who this serious young man is: some believe that this is a real musician-orchestra musician who specially posed for Mane, while others find features similar to the young man’s son with the artist’s son. But in one, the researchers are unanimous - this is another work of the master, which can safely be considered a masterpiece.

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