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Marina in Yalta, Grigory G. Myasoedov

Marina in Yalta, Grigory G. Myasoedov

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Marina in Yalta - Grigory G. Myasoedov. 47.5 x 64 cm

Crimea is one of the favorite places of the artist Grigory Myasoedov. In Yalta, the master acquired land right near the embankment, where he built several houses, including his workshop.

Admiring the beauty of this land, Myasoedov forgot about the genre specialization, to which he undoubtedly belonged, and became a romantic landscape painter. Moreover, the landscapes of Myasoedov were recognized by both the public and many critics and art lovers. P. Tretyakov and V. Stasov spoke especially positively about Crimean landscapes.

In the presented work, the master once again demonstrates how filigree he owns the transmission of sunlight - bright rays play on the water and illuminate the deflated sail of the boat and the spire of the rotunda, executed in an oriental style. The composition is different in depth, it captivates and captivates the viewer - at first the eyes catch carefully painted boats and busy people, and then it rushes into the depths, where the mighty Crimean mountains rise in a haze.

The value of this picture is indisputable for today's audience: as the author lovingly portrayed Russia leaving in its rural landscapes, so the meat-eating Crimea is a thing of bygone days. The eastern color has long been obliterated from this picturesque place, sailboats with raised noses do not stand at the pier, and only the majestic mountains still surround the Yalta Sea, which the painter loved so much.

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