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Salome dancing in front of Herod, Gustave Moreau

Salome dancing in front of Herod, Gustave Moreau

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Salome dancing in front of Herod - Gustave Moreau. 144 x 103.5 cm

The picture impresses with its color, an abundance of small details and composition. According to the artist, Salome, the daughter of Herodias, performed her famous dance in a magnificent palace with high vaulted ceilings, almost like in medieval Catholic cathedrals.

The real historical person in the Bible of Salome is mentioned only because of her role in the death of John the Baptist. Herod, struck by the beauty of the dance of Salome, decides to fulfill her every desire. Salome, trained by her mother, requires a dish with the head of a prophet. The king has to fulfill the promise.

The canvas depicts just the moment of the dance. The figure of Salome, dressed in luxurious robes, with an outstretched hand in a commanding gesture, impresses with his grandeur and rich outfits. Herod, seated on the throne, is the center of composition, surrounded by minor figures of servants in no less magnificent dresses.

The surroundings of the picture are the inner chambers of the palace, in which the artist masterfully mixed many styles and eras. It seems that Salome continues her dance out of time - this palace could be located in Assyria, and in Egypt, in Venice and Florence, in any city in the world. The color of the picture is multicolored, but due to blurry colors it is not aggressive, but it gives the impression of the colors of the Persian carpet, pretty much wasted by time.

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