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The coronation of Napoleon, Jacques Louis David - description of the painting

The coronation of Napoleon, Jacques Louis David - description of the painting

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Coronation of Napoleon - Jacques Louis David. 621x979 cm

In 1804, in the famous Notre Dame, a magnificent ceremony of the coronation of Napoleon and his wife Josephine took place. Golden carriages, luxurious decoration, a large crowd - David simply could not pass by such a landmark event. It is noteworthy that for the incarnation, he chose the moment when the newly made emperor crowns his wife. And before that, he took a laurel crown from the hands of Pope Pius VII and, contrary to custom, put it on his head.

Some art historians argue that it was this moment in all the rich and magnificent action that David noted for himself, as he was impressed by Rubens's painting “The Coronation of Maria de Medici”.

The painting is an example of how a painter can please an imperious customer - work on the canvas lasted about three years, as the artist constantly made changes at the request of Napoleon. The most famous of these “supplements” is the presence on the canvas of Napoleon’s mother, although she herself was not at the coronation. Also, some nobles asked to rewrite their figures, placing them as close as possible to the emperor.

At the request of a certain American businessman, David created a copy of his painting, which was destined to take the place of the original in Versailles, after the "departure" thereof to the Louvre.

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