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Painting Women in the Garden, Claude Monet - Description

Painting Women in the Garden, Claude Monet - Description

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Women in the Garden - Claude Monet. 255x215; 205 cm

The painting "Ladies in the Garden" was a very unusual work for contemporary viewers of Monet. The painter deliberately made it clear that he would write as he wanted, without looking back at academic traditions, guided only by his inspiration and his own aesthetic ideas.

Innovation begins already with composition - the arrangement of the figures with their backs and a half-turn, the cropped edges of lush dresses, all this was impossible for academic painting. The viewer is represented by four women walking in the garden, while all of them are written from the same model - Camilla's wife. Due to the fact that the painter does not give us a good look at a single face - the ladies either cover their face with flowers, sometimes hide behind the shadow of an umbrella, then they show only their profile - the viewer sees four different heroines. The artist, as it were, emphasizes that he is not interested in individuals, so he needs only one model. His goal is to see a description of a person’s relationship with the world around him.

The presentation of the genre is also unusual, as an ordinary everyday scene is transformed by the will of Monet’s magic brush into a landscape - female figures become an integral part of nature, its continuation, “dissolving” in the surrounding greenery of the garden.

This wonderful picture was intended for the Salon of 1867, but the jury did not allow work to the exhibition. However, fate paid tribute to justice to the masterpiece. In 1921, when Monet was recognized and appreciated, the "Ladies in the Garden" were bought by the French government for 200 thousand francs.

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