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Water Lilies, Claude Monet - description

Water Lilies, Claude Monet - description

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Water Lilies - Claude Monet. Canvas, oil

Lilies and water lilies were especially fond of Monet in the late period of creativity. Now he creates it himself - having settled in Giverny, he creates a pond with his own hands, where he raises delicious water flowers to capture them on his canvases.

At first, he, as usual, painted a pond with flowers on an open air, then moved on to paintings of especially large sizes, but soon, according to the painter, the real beauty from his gaze began to elude the master. It was then that Monet returned to the studio to paint painfully familiar landscape from memory. So an amazing series of paintings “Water Lilies” appeared, and the presented work is one of a diverse rich galaxy that embodies this plot.

Work in the workshop bore fruit - the picture was filled with warmth, and the real embodiment was intertwined with a share of abstractness. In the usual manner for late creativity, the author cuts off the landscape with the edges of the picture, abandoning the perspective and horizon.

The pond itself is cast in a fantastic blue and turquoise color. On this surface are visible large rounded leaves of lilies, which are distinguished only by the contours, but a subtle reflection of the sky. The vertical green wavy lines that embody the algae appearing on the surface give a special depth to the canvas. Like lonely beautiful pearl lights peeking out of the mysterious greenery of the pond, soft pink and white lilies, completely capturing the viewer's attention.

Today, art historians claim that in his works on water colors, Monet managed to erase the boundaries between realism, impressionism and abstraction, harmoniously combining them in a single canvas.

In the last years of his life, Monet wrote only water lilies and lilies. In his cozy workshop, he recreated the same plot in different variations, finding new nuances, midtones and tricks. From this fascinating occupation, his death distracted him.

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