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Self Portrait with the Yellow Christ, Paul Gauguin, 1890

Self Portrait with the Yellow Christ, Paul Gauguin, 1890

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Self portrait with the yellow Christ - Paul Gauguin. 38 x 46 cm

The painting "Yellow Christ", no doubt, made a significant impact on the author. In less than a year, he again takes up this story, writing his self-portrait against the background of his own work.

A lover of introducing his interpretations into the genre, in this self-portrait the painter masterfully and organically managed to combine both the portrait and the everyday scene and religious painting.

Researchers and biographers of Gauguin argue that the picture is a clear expression of the artist's mental torment, which centered around loneliness and misunderstanding.

The painter repeatedly portrayed himself in the image of Christ, which caused discontent among the public, but now Gauguin is located next to him. Moreover, his face is stern and focused. It seems that the artist identifies himself with Christ, but not with the figure itself, but with his martyrdom - Gauguin accepts that he is doomed to misunderstanding, and his aesthetic views on painting will never be recognized.

Despite such tragic thoughts and predictions, Gauguin will forever go down in the history of art, as a great impressionist, and even a great post-impressionist. However, unfortunately, Gauguin himself does not recognize this.

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