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Portrait of Frederic Chopin, Eugene Delacroix, 1838

Portrait of Frederic Chopin, Eugene Delacroix, 1838

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Portrait of Frederic Chopin - Eugene Delacroix. 46x38

Not the most famous, besides the unfinished work of the great artist, nevertheless has attracted the attention of critics and the public for almost two centuries. The master was friendly with the composer. They were united by an indomitable creative temperament and a thirst for creativity. The work was not ordered by the artist, he began to paint a portrait of his own free will. Moreover, the composer never posed for the master, the work was to be a surprise. However, the portrait was not completed. As the artist himself claimed, inspiration left him and the master simply could not write a friend with a cold heart.

In front of the viewer is a pale young man with lush, artistic hair. With bold, powerful strokes, the master creates the image of an energetic person immersed in his thoughts. Nothing distracts the viewer from the face of the hero. Deliberately strict clothes, neutral background. We can only guess what the composer would look like if the work was finished.

The artist has been known throughout his life as a revolutionary and subverter of pictorial traditions. But in this unfinished work, we face a talented and educated traditionalist who uses all the means of realism to express the difficult and brilliant inner world of a great musician.

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