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Angel with a censer and a candle, Vrubel, 1887

Angel with a censer and a candle, Vrubel, 1887

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An angel with a censer and a candle - Mikhail Vrubel. 69x26

When Vrubel was invited to create new paintings of the Vladimir Cathedral, he could not imagine how much this work would capture him and inspire many masterpieces. In front of the viewer is not a canonical fragment created in accordance with the Byzantine code of rules. The work can most likely be attributed to the works of Giotto or other masters of the Trecento era.

The master was blamed for the fact that his Angels are too similar to people, but the artist could not do otherwise. For him, Angels are created in the image and likeness of God, like man. In this work, it is still very difficult to predict the future creative triumph in the work of Seraphim.

Before us is the image of the messenger of God, which most likely resembles an Italian youth from the paintings of baroque masters. Its unearthly essence is expressed in a detached look, a fantastic thin and multi-colored robe. Wings are more likely to be guessed than depicted directly. The master was not able to completely finish the painting of the cathedral. Later, even for sketches of murals, collectors lined up, and in the late 80s of the XIX century the work caused fierce debate.

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