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Millesgarden, Stockholm, Sweden: photos and description

Millesgarden, Stockholm, Sweden: photos and description

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The most unexpected impressions in the capital of Sweden can be obtained from visiting the wonderful Millesgarden sculpture garden. It is located on the Kherserud rock in the north-eastern part of Stockholm on the island of Liding.

This open-air work of art was invented and created by the great Swedish sculptor Karl Milles.

His first sculpture, which brought him widespread fame, he dedicated to the personality of the famous politician of Sweden, Sten Stura. After the monument to Sture, Carl Milles began work on the creation of various fountain and sculptural groups, as well as individual monuments placed on pedestals.

The famous sculptor was engaged in the creation of both real historical characters and various mythological creatures. Although, according to him, work on fictional images was much easier for him.

From his famous works, one should single out a monument to King Gustav I Vasa, who stands in the Northern Museum, and a sculpture of the national hero of the Swedish people Engelbrekt, which is located next to the city hall City Hall.

The main part of the works of Carl Milles is associated with various myths and fairy tales based on the ancient legends of the northern peoples.

Milles Family Heritage

In 1906, a novice sculptor and his wife of Austrian descent, Olga, bought land located on a rock in Liding. They decide to set up a sculpture park there.

Karl's brother was an architect. His name was Evert Milles. They joined forces and began work to clean up the territory purchased by Karl. Further, the brothers engaged in the arrangement of an area of ​​18 thousand square meters, where they placed three wide terraces, thanks to which you can go down the stairs to the sea. It was also planned to arrange a number of small terraces on the site, which were connected to the main stairs using the main platforms.

Today, exposition rooms, the building in which Karl and Olga Millesy lived, an art gallery with paintings and sculptural sculptures are located on the terraces.

"Hand of God" and other stone fantasies

Visitors to Millesgarden enter the sculpture garden on the upper terrace. Immediately before them opens a magnificent view of the operating fountains with statues frozen in motion. And against the background stretches the wide Baltic Sea with many islands included in the Stockholm archipelago.

One of the most famous works of the founder of Millesgarden is called "The Hand of God." The central part of this compositional group of sculptures is a huge human palm, in the middle of which is a small figure of an emotional person. The "Hand of God" is located on a dais and during its viewing, the viewer feels himself in the center of the vast space, symbolizing the infinity of the human soul.

Not far from the central part of the sculptural group there are figures of Angels dancing and playing on pipes.
Millesgården is open to the public for a whole year.

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