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Prague in December: photos, holidays, tours, weather

Prague in December: photos, holidays, tours, weather

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In winter Prague, tourists go for a fairy tale. The minus temperature is a frequent phenomenon, but below - 10, the indicator of the thermometer drops very rarely. In December, the weather offers long walks through the festive Czech capital, full of lights, smells and sounds.

Funny walks in winter Prague

The main thing in December Prague is walks, fairs, bazaars. At this time, the whole old city smells of spices, wine, Christmas trees and sweets. Everywhere there are stalls with mulled wine, delicious straws and apple strudel. All around are buying up souvenirs and delicacies, companies gather at tables near stalls. Near all the churches there are nativity scenes with figures of the infant Christ and the Virgin. A distinctive feature of Prague is that absolutely all Christmas trees are real, do not put artificial ones.

Bohemian carnival in Prague, winter

The undoubted advantage of Prague is its convenient location on the map of Europe and an extensive transport network. During a visit to the Czech capital, you can catch a glimpse of Nuremberg and Dresden. But this is only if Prague is not enough for you.

Already at the very beginning of December, it makes sense for tourists to go to the Czech Exhibition Center, where an interesting exhibition dedicated to Christmas and those goods that will delight the buyer’s eyes on the eve of their favorite holiday opens.

In addition to the exhibition itself, the center hosts master classes, show programs and other entertainment events.

Czech children are looking forward to December 5, on this day St. Miklus himself brings gifts to them, accompanied by an angel and a little devil. This Czech Santa Claus manages to visit several places at the same time, so you can get not just one, but several.

Festival life in winter Prague is very eventful:

  • Bohuslav Martinou Festival - the best European performers to perform violin concerts by a famous Czech composer.
  • Christmas music festival.
  • Festival of choral music.

For outdoor enthusiasts, December Prague also took care of:

  • Skating rinks, many of them are absolutely free (take skates with you!).
  • Numerous castles in the vicinity of the capital (pay special attention to Krivoklaty, Kutna Hora, Plzen). There are not many visitors at the castles at this time, so the guides and the workers themselves are trying to make your visit rich and interesting.
  • Waterpark - an opportunity to be in the warmest summer!

No matter how beautiful and eventful December Prague is, remember that it is best to come here before Christmas or immediately after it. The festive night itself is the quietest time when events are not held and all museums, theaters, clubs are closed.

Prices for holidays in Prague in December

The closer to the holiday, the more expensive the trip will cost. But the New Year's Eve in Kafka and Hasek is unforgettable! Young people come off at nightclubs and at mass parties, older people have fun at the pubs and at hotel events. Everyone is happy.

December delicacies of Prague will please you

It is impossible to imagine winter Prague without gastronomic delights. At this time, goulash is tastier and dumplings are bigger and beer is stronger. Many restaurants organize tasting lunches and dinners for tourists, during which there is an opportunity to get acquainted with all the main Czech delicacies.

December Prague recently became a wedding venue. Young couples come here to register their relationship and spend several days in a romantic setting. Few can afford to celebrate a wedding here, but there are such occasions. The marriage registration document is recognized in Russia and other CIS countries.

December fortune telling in Prague

Prague is a city of sorcerers and alchemists, as it happened in the Middle Ages. December 26, when the Czechs celebrate St. Stephen's Day, it is customary to guess here. On this day, numerous fortune-telling salons open throughout the city. There is no shortage of people who want to know their fate, and the cost of such a service is very conditional.

Shopping in Prague in December

The Czech Republic has never been a particularly expensive country. Therefore, when the time comes for discounts, many shopaholics tend to get here. All of December is a time of discounts on all products that can only be found in stores. The inscription sleva, which means discount, can be seen everywhere.

All of the above should be added about a hundred museums, galleries and exhibition centers, ancient castles, squares and bridges of the city to understand - Prague in December is a fabulously beautiful city full of wonders, beauties and entertainments for a variety of tastes.

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