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Nude, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1876

Nude, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1876

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Nude - Pierre Auguste Renoir. 92x73

Nudity is a complex and even dangerous genre. The artistic idea of ​​nudity is most often associated with the beauty of the natural. The great impressionist managed to create a unique portrait in the nude style.

A model sitting in a soft chair is surrounded by randomly scattered pieces of fabric. The master selects different accessories, as if complicating the task for himself, in fact, his idea is fresh and deep. The master writes a complex background deliberately in coarse and wide strokes, and the body of the model, on the contrary, is saturated, subtle and in a single field.

By this approach, the artist allows the viewer to appreciate the beauty of the living texture, its warmth and softness. It is no accident that the work has a second name - Pearl, which is due to the abundance of pearlescent tones in the picture, as well as the composition itself, resembling an open shell.

Choosing the color of purple tones to create an entourage, the master achieves the necessary contrast between lively and inanimate textures.

It is known that the artist posed for a professional model. However, this can be judged by the fact that the heroine feels very confident and calm. In front of the viewer is a beautiful woman who knows about her beauty and that she makes a strong impression on others. Her gaze is directed directly at the viewer. A healthy glow, a clear line of lips, large and expressive eyes. The pose is rather professional, closed. The picture was chaste, complex and deep.

The composition of the work is very natural and completely devoid of academic accuracy. The viewer is imbued with that feeling of delight, admiration for the female beauty with which the author created his masterpiece.

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